Final Round - February 8th, 2020

Join us on February 8th at Scott Conference Center on the University Nebraska Omaha campus. The doors open at 7:30 am and the competition starts at 8 am. The competition will be scored and prizes will be distributed starting at 2 pm.

We have scored the placement round and have generated the brackets as seen on the right half of your screen (desktop only). You will be competing against others in your bracket for prizes. Good luck and have fun!

Pokemon Master

MillNorthOne — <XSS> — BogoBogoBogo Sort — The Bell Tower — Reference Variables — Turing Off — MillNorthTwo

Pokemon Trainer

Over The River — Elite Six — LSW A — CyberJays — 100% That Bit — LSE 3 — Central Purple — LifeHackers — LSW B — East White — East Blue — Omaha Central Eagles